about us

You are here for a reason. Your dream, goal — BIG idea — blog and biz are truly one of a kind. No other person in this universe is the unique blend of strengths, talents, and perspectives, that you are. No one can create what you have created. You are a BADASS — & at WOKE, we honor the badass in you & your brand. 

WOKE Creative is a multi-service conscious creative + modern marketing agency based in South Florida. We specialize in visual content creation, digital copywriting, social media strategy, photography, brand matchmaking, influencer marketing & digital / event public relations. Be WOKE : [Creative Enlightenment with Vibe]. 

What makes us different than every other creative services + marketing agency is...that we take a more humanistic approach to business. At WOKE Creative, we want to help you CONNECT to your soul — in order to gain the clarity that you need to NAME “IT” (what you want) and CLAIM “IT” (your dreams & desires). Together, we can build the confidence (both personally and professionally) that will allow you to begin/restart/rebrand your journey.

Honoring the iconic “yin & yang”, we offer both individual and integrated business and spiritual wellness services with our sister biz, Intuitive Gangster. Think of us as a cocktail made of equal parts marketing guru as [certified] sultry Spirit Success Specialist, (what is that?). 

As a small business, we are committed to helping other entrepreneurs and “big hearted creatives” revolutionize their industries and authenticate their brand through the discovery & marketing of their business’ soul story -- alongside, their personal development. All of that, while we also help attract, build and connect their businesses to a dope, fiercely loyal tribe. Simple enough.

WOKE [your] Body is a subsidiary of WOKE Creative focused on the art of movement & physical anatomy. With a fitness-first focus, WOKE [your] Body caters to a select group of fitness clientele at special pricing in an effort to help support their commitment to South Florida's community health. 

A conscious company, WOKE [your] Body seeks to integrate elements of market research, strategy, art, intuitive storytelling, branding, and partnership into a creative alchemy true to your brand and the soul of your company. 

WOKE [your] Body has worked with and maintains relationships with health-committed companies such as Buddha Shack Yoga, Soulcycle, Raw Juce, Fit Joy Nutrition, Fitbox Method, Leggings Lounge Yoga  + Happy Hour, Manduka, Lululemon, GoMacro, Zico, Alala, Kite Hill, Harmless Harvest, Intuitive Gangster & many more! 

Our principal,  Lauren B. Angueira is a multi-passionate entrepreneur in the creative services. Her education and over ten years of experience in creative communication services give her versatility in multiple disciplines including photography, marketing, design, journalism, and public relations. 

A “big-hearted creative”, herself, she is a natural-born connector and communicator. With a firm intention to bring more humanity into business, her work focuses on using client’s gifts and ideas to inspire change in the community generating ideas, resources, and connections for the greater good and connecting businesses to like-minded, socially conscious, purpose-driven partners and influencers.

As a PR professional, she specializes in influencer and digital / event public relations. Having worked for a number of large, international non-profits & public companies before focusing on individual, digital brand exposure and growth — Her focus today is primarily on building long term relationships with high level influencers or businesses. Through the development of strategic and collaborative campaigns, she assists professional brands and personal brands (bloggers, instructors, entrepreneurs) in building strong partnerships that enrich their identity & speak to the soul of their company. 

Clients have been featured on The Today Show, PopSugar,  New York Times, Glamour,  Teen Vogue, Eco Salon, MindBodyGreen, PBS, History Channel, MTV News, The Skimm, CNN, NowThis News, Uproxx, Upworthy, Refinery29, Yoga Journal, Mic News, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Yahoo, Milk Studios, OM Yoga + Lifestyle, Women's Health, The Miami Herald, The New Tropic, Disfunkshion Magazine, Ocean Drive, The Miami New Times, and more!